Session Report - Finished Report

In this tutorial, I finalise the session report by completing the last few elements.

Session Report - Planned vs Actual

In this tutorial, I continue the session report by comparing the training session to what was planned.

Session Report - Comparing to Game Norms

In this tutorial I start a session report by calculating percentage of game norm values.

Tutorial - Acute Chronic Workload Monitoring

In this tutorial I create a visual to show the Acute Chronic Workload Ratio in Power Bi.

Tutorial - Scatter Plot Size

In this tutorial, we change the size of a scatter chart point using a disconnected table and a couple of measures.

Tutorial - Conditional Formatting

In this tutorial, I show you a couple of options you have when conditionally formatting values in Power Bi

Match Report Part 4 - Recent Performance

In Part 4 of our match report series we will show performance over recent matches to help visualise how the team is trending.

Tutorial - Common PowerQuery Errors

In this tutorial I walk through some of the errors I often encounter in PowerQuery and hwo to fix them.

Match Report Part 3 - Today's Performance

In Part 3 of our match report series we add some stats to show the performance of the team in the given match.

Match Report Part 2 - Set-Up Page

In Part 2 of our match report series we add a set-up page to filter our report page. This page will help to filter our reports to a given match for a team.