Josh Trewin

Josh Trewin

Data Scientist


I am data scientist on a journey to explore football data from technical, tactical and physical sources. I have a PhD from AUT Univeristy in Strength and Conditioning, focussing on match-running in elite female soccer. This provided me with valuable skills in data analysis using Excel, which I am now expanding in to R and Python through self learning.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an insight in to my journey by providing tutorials on some of the basic analyses. These tutorials will aim to become more advanced as time goes on. Hopefully, the blogs will provide new R users, or Python users, with the ability to follow along and also become proficient in coding to analyse football data.


  • Data Science
  • Analysis of match performances
  • Exercise physiology


  • PhD in Strength and Conditioning, 2018

    AUT University

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (Honors), 2014

    Waikato Institute of Technology




Power Bi






Data Scientist

Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Jan 2020 – Jun 2020
As a Data Scientist, my roles only changed slightly, with the focus on implementing a custom built data warehouse using Snowflake. All data collected is stored in this custom warehouse and utilised in all Bi software for reporting purposes.

Applied Performance Scientist

Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Apr 2018 – Dec 2019 Vancouver, BC, Canada
As the Applied Performance Scientist, my main roles were to collect and analyse all data collected on a daily basis with the MLS and Academy teams. In 2019, this also evolved in to more data analytics, using Power Bi and Tableau to create reports and visualisations to allow informed decision making on the collected data.

Sport Science Consultant

Canada Soccer

Jul 2016 – Apr 2018 New Zealand
As a sport science consultant, I was in charge of all data accuracy, analysis and visualisations for youth to national team level. The data consisted of GPS, HR, RPE and wellness collected both within camp, and remotely. The use of R and Power Bi was more prevalent in this role than it was in the previous intern based role with Canada Soccer.

Sport Science Intern

Canada Soccer

Mar 2015 – Mar 2016 Canada and New Zealand
With this intern based role, I was involved with data collection of GPS, HR and RPE data for the WNT whilst in training camps. Analysis and visualisation of this data was completed in MS Excel using custom built dashboards. I also had hands on experience with youth teams as the sole and assistant sport scientist, including a Fifa World Cup with the U17 team in late 2016.

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