Match Report Part 4 - Recent Performance

In Part 4 of our match report series we will show performance over recent matches to help visualise how the team is trending.

Plotting Event Data in Matplotlib

In this Python Tutorial I will plot event data from StatsBomb in a few different scenarios. This will include shots and passes from a single match. This data will be called using the StatsBomb python library and reformatted entirely in Python. I hope you enjoy.

Match Report Part 3 - Today's Performance

In Part 3 of our match report series we add some stats to show the performance of the team in the given match.

Tutorial - Team Shot Dashboard

Hi guys, In this weeks tutorial, we are expanding on the shot plot we created in R by adding some extra information to easily understand the plot and some context around it. This will include cards which total up shots and are coloured based on the if this game was above or below an average for the season. We will also have a matrix at the bottom, highlighting how the shots were created such as from a corner or open play.

Tutorial - Plotting Shots in Power Bi using R

Hi all, last time we created a nice shot plot using the built-in scatter plot for Power Bi. Today we will take things a step further, using the R Custom Visual in Power Bi. This visual allows you to use R code to create a visual however you want, with that visual interacting with the slicers on your page. Use base ggplot2, these visuals will not have any interaction ability, such as tooltips, but they provide a neat way of creating visuals not possible with the built-in set provided by Microsoft.

Tutorial - An Easy Way of Plotting Shots in Power Bi

Hi all, following on from my last tutorial, I have now created something more football specific using the built-in scatter plot in Power Bi. This tutorial will take you through building a basic shot plot with shots coloured by outcome. The video can be found at the bottom of the page, but I will also take you through a step by step process here as well. As always, (subscribe here)[https://www.

Comparing Players in the FA WSL

This post is aimed at walking through one method of comparing players upon specific metrics within a league setting. For this example I will use a couple of different metrics from the free StatsBomb FA WSL dataset.

Reformatting Statsbomb Data in Python

In this tutorial I take you through reformatting a match events file downloaded as "tidy" data frame from the statsbomb library. This will hope to show you some basic needs when reformatting these files for use in visualisations or databases.

Installing the Statsbomb Python Library

Python is a widely used coding language, and so being able to use and understand this language is quite important for many jobs around the world. This tutorial will work through installing and using the statsbomb python library.

A look at attacking and defensive effectiveness

The use of scatter plots can provide a lot of information in a quick snapshot. In this blog post I provide an overview of some uses the scatter plot can have in comparing relational data to see where a team fits compared to their opposition.